Frequently Asked Questions


When in doubt… refer to our question and answer page from “The Texture Leaders”  at Christopher Amira Studio.

Some commonly asked questions:

Q: What is the best way to grow out my relaxer in order to maintain my natural texture, without damaging my hair?

A: Weekly moisturizing treatments as well as a trims, every 6 weeks. We recommend twist, or more natural hairstyle during this process. Try to eliminate the use of flat irons and blow dryers, this will only cause hair to lose moisture.


Q: How often should I receive my relaxer?

A: This depends on how fast your hair grows, as well as your texture, formation and the desired end result.  Normally – Every 6- 8 weeks. 


Q: Should I shampoo my hair before a chemical relaxer?

A: No, this may cause irritation to the scalp during the relaxer process.


Q: How often should I get a protein treatment?

A: Protein treatments are usually recommended when the hair is damaged from chemical or everyday neglectProtein treatments are recommended  every 4 weeks. However, we recommend moisture treatments weekly or bi-weekly.


Q: Can permanent hair color be done  the same day of  a relaxer service?

A: No, we recommend 2-3 weeks after the relaxer service for permanent hair color. This also depends on the integrity of the hair. However, demi color is an option; it can be giving the same day of the relaxer service.  Demi color helps to replace the loss of amino acids that relaxers remove from hair.


Q: How often do hair extensions last?

A: This depends on how fast your hair grows and the type of Hair extension installation.  Normally hair extensions are replaced every 3 – 4 months. Some extensions may last longer. The growth, integrity and the desired end result are also a factors.

Q: What products are best for my hair type?

A: This is based on your hair texture, as well as hair formations.  Fine or straight hair may need products that will give bounce and body. Coarse or curly hair may need products that will give shine and control.

A consultation is always recommended to help with your desired end result.

Q: What heat setting should I use on my hair when using flat irons?

A: The heat setting is determine by the texture, formation and the end results that you are trying to achieve. If your hair is fine and wavy… you may want to start off on a low setting. However , if your hair is coarse and overly curly, you may want to use a higher setting to make sure the cuticle is seal in order to receive a smoother shinier look.


Q: What is the difference between the Brazilian Straighteners and the chemical relaxer?

A: The Brazilian straighteners are not permanent; it does not break the Disulfide bond. It’s main purpose is to smooth out wavy or frizzy hair. Relaxers are permanent, it breaks the disulfide bond, Changing the hair structure permanently.

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